This week I have learned:

  • about sinkholes. Well, a little bit about sinkholes. A hole opened up at the road at the other end of our street. It’s a main road, and it’s meant that there’s been significant disruption. Buses re-routed and whatnot. The way the local authority, transport services and police have all co-ordinated the response has been really quite impressive. And there have been photo opportunities…
  • the logistics of organising the mass booking of coffee appointments. Let’s just say that I’ve learned how to get Calendly working.
  • that it’s still really refreshing to be able to present an idea to do something and get nothing but constructive suggestions and support. If only every organisation I had worked in was like this one.
  • that every so often there is a piece of software that makes me remember why I like technology even though I spend so much time battling it. A piece of software that makes my heart sing. Audio Modeling make such software and I’m have a great time exploring some of it.

Next week: into the office a bit.

The week in photos:

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