This marks the last day of our kids being at home and balancing off school, work and all the other bits, all at the same time. Hopefully for a long while.

For all that I might joke about the kids going back to school being a relief to me, it’s much more about it being a return to something more normal for them. My two are 10 and 11 and so about a 10th of their life has been in the pandemic. And the 10th which is when they are curious and learning and want to engage with us too. Time we should have been doing something more interesting than staying at home (even if they’ve loved the additional Roblox time).

I’m going to miss them being about, if not the stomping into my office at 3pm demanding restrictions on the tablets be lifted so the game playing can begin. Let’s hope it’s the start of more things opening up in the coming months.

Next week: school.

The week in photos:

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