This is my 2000th blogpost.

Rather than simply write a normal post, or indeed write a post about it being my 2000th blogpost, I decided to ask the question on Twitter of what it should be about. I didn’t really know what to expect, but as a result of the query I’ve now got the following suggestions that I will work through methodically over the next few weeks. A creative writing challenge, if you will.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I hope you find something interesting out of what I write.

WB-40 Podcast suggested by Chris Weston

Me suggested by Chris King

Your blog suggested by Phil Murphy

Forced Fun suggested by a reader.

The one blog your proudest of, and why? The blog you wrote, but didn’t publish, and why? The blog which in hindsight you think may have been better left unpublished, and why? What will the topic of your 3,000th blog be? suggested by Peter O’Rourke

The party you had in 1999 suggested by Hilary Gallo

Your first post suggested by Adam Learning

The Millennium (Falcon?) suggested by Mark Reynolds

Year 2000 suggested by Wendy Cartwright

You’re trying to shape my nostalgia with your own suggested by Mr Gee (that suggestion is why I am glad to know a poet of the calibre of Gee).

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