To celebrate my 2000th blogpost, I asked Twitter what I should write about. This series of posts are inspired by those requests.

Adam Learning suggested this one.

Like many things that I do, I didn’t really know why I started blogging. I had bought the domain in a moment of digital vanity, and the package came with a hosted blog. In December 2007 I published my very first post – The Journey or the Destination.

The post is something that taps into one of the no doubt many recurring themes in what I right – concepts of difference and how difference in the way in which we perceive the world leads to friction in getting things done. Journey people or Destination people isn’t a million miles from List people or Destination people about which I have recently written.

I wonder if sometimes this need to group people comes across as divisive? It’s not intentional – it’s the sociologist coming out in me, determined to find ways to explain the behaviours of people at a group level rather than merely an individual level. It’s maybe not always helpful, but probably is the way that I process the world around me.

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