Through the month of February, the wonderful Steve Chapman has been running a daily artistic event #WTFeb.

On February 18th the challenge was this:

Today’s challenge is to create a minimalist three line poem to express your own instructions for living a life inspired by the wonderful Mary Oliver poem “Instructions for Living a Life” pictured above.⁠

It could be profound, moving, mundane, surreal. It doesn’t matter. ⁠

And as a result this month’s #SAE badges were born…


If you would like a set of the March #SAE badges, and you live in the UK, then all you need to do is post a stamped, self-addressed envelope to me at 78 Holmesdale Road, TW11 9LG. Please make sure that you correctly stamp the one you send to me if your package is greater than 5mm deep, and you will want to use a Large Letter stamp on the return envelope as the badges are about 7mm thick, and please mark it “February”. There are still some of the previous badges available too.

You can find out more about the #SAE project here.

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