It’s been tricky getting time to read without a commute, but this was something I was contending with when, back in October, I was able to start a job for the first time in my 26 year career that involved but a walk from my house. The irony that that office has been closed to me since March is not lost…

But, with the summer months in full swing, and more reading time coming up, here’s what currently on my reading list…

In light of Black Lives Matter, I read this cover to cover. It’s hugely insightful as to the experience of black people in the UK.
As is this – the two books together have really made me rethink the role I have to play as a person of quite significant privilege.
Bought on a whim on the basis of an article I read about the Walkman. Yet to start this.
My eldest is currently reading the first 5, and he also loves the Artemis Fowl series by Colfer, so it’s going to be interesting to find out where the characters are taken next.
Fascinating insight into the way in which the little words we use between the big ones tell us things about ourselves that we probably never knew.
I find Caitlin Moran really entertaining, but haven’t yet read any of her books, so here’s one to get me started.
Quite old this, now, but Berkun explodes the myth of what most people call innovation but almost certainly isn’t.
A history book based around the evolution of flags – national and otherwise.
Another on a whim purchase…
As was this….
Ages ago Winchester wrote a book about the history of the Oxford English Dictionary, which was brilliant. This looks at the evolution of industry through the lens of increasing precision in engineering.
Marr takes on the History of Everything We Know (apart from all the bits he leaves out). I didn’t realise until reading this book that Czar is a corruption of Caesar – the Russian monarchs were wanting to be like Roman leaders…
Want to up my understanding of feminism with this…
…and this.
Fry explores the ideas behind AI.
A fascinating insight into the history of the world of social housing.

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