This week I have learned:

  • whilst there is obviously no causal relationship between me buying a device to open up the skylight in my office, and it raining consistently ever since, it does feel like there is.
  • Teddington Lock last Friday night was like Sodom and Gomorrah. Goodness only knows what the pubs reopening is going to be like.
  • I am still so over football.
  • Email and contact centres are a mysterious combination.
  • Wardley Mapping is really helping to state a case for change. But just because something is logically right doesn’t make it emotionally so.
  • Maybe sometimes the call for data-driven needs to be story-based, rather than just numbers. Stories are data too.
  • As is knowledge.
  • It’s sometimes like people know that they don’t know what they want, but they still want it anyway, even if there’s not idea what “it” is.
  • meet people one-to-one.
  • I’m getting back into Electronic Wind Instruments.
  • Google Photos now allows you to search through a map. I find this strangely exciting.

Next week: Back to school for the eldest

The Week In Photos:

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