Poker face

Whatever your views on Britain leaving the European Union, the country is certain now to be entering an extended period of negotiation with the EU and its member nations to unpick the UK from its forty-year relationship. In the past few weeks there has been a repeated claim from various government ministers that we shouldn't be … Continue reading Poker face

Change leadership

It's all change in Government technology circles. The various changes that have happened at the top of the Government Digital Service and elsewhere in recent days signify something, although I'm not entirely sure what. Derek du Preez makes a good stab of it here. All this change got me thinking. For a while now I've been … Continue reading Change leadership


There was a short exchange between a Twitter account run by the CBI and Minister for the Digitals Matt Hancock MP last week that in less than 280 characters summed up my concerns for what appears to be currently going on in the UK government: Now I know that it's probably unfair and unkind … Continue reading Technoration

Technology doesn’t shape the future

I've spent the last couple of days mostly in the wonderful Names Not Numbers event in London, a festival of eclecticism that was timely given my recent thinking about the importance of diversity of thought. The final session I was able to attend yesterday was a debate about the impact of emergent technologies, and particularly the … Continue reading Technology doesn’t shape the future

Digital poster children

Worried about your business being "Uberized"? Concerned that your services need to get more like AirBnB? Well, hope you've got deep pockets... There is a pernicious meme that is well established in business that relates that the Internet is basically free. In turn, it relates that technology using the Internet (and mobile too these days) … Continue reading Digital poster children

Broadband – the perfect place for Government as a Platform

The role of BT in providing the digital backbone for our nation is currently in the public spotlight as Grant Shapps has published a report into the state of Internet access in the UK. The report recommends that BT is forced to sell off its infrastructure business OpenReach to encourage more competition and a better service for … Continue reading Broadband – the perfect place for Government as a Platform

Interchangeable units of resource

The National Audit Office yesterday published a fascinating paper  examining the role that contract and consulting staff play within central government and the broader civil service. I found it a somewhat depressing read. The short version: contractors and consultants can be used to help bring in resource on a short-term basis to add skills or capacity when … Continue reading Interchangeable units of resource

Public sector

I originally published this in early September when I was still technically working at GDS. At the time I was asked to edit it as it was thought that it was "too political". Rather than edit, I withdrew it. I'm no longer there, so thought it worth republishing... I'm just coming to the end of a … Continue reading Public sector

Agile Politics

There was one line in Aditya Chakrabortty's column yesterday about Jeremy Corbyn's ascent to the leadership of the Labour Party that got me thinking... Moments before his final campaign rally last Thursday, I asked Corbyn how much of a work-in-progress his opposition would be. A lot, came the answer: everything hung on who would join … Continue reading Agile Politics