Talking about innovation

Yesterday I had the great privilege to be able to speak about the concept of innovation with the board of a major multinational company. Having spent the past few months exploring themes of collaboration with many different organisations about collaboration as part of my #sharingorg project, I've picked up many stories about how innovative things are happening … Continue reading Talking about innovation


One of the things I find myself saying a great deal at the moment is "I don't think you mean culture, I think you mean behaviour." Like a pedantic stuck record, the phrase usually comes about when people are talking about trying to get people to behave differently in organisations, and then describe that as … Continue reading Sub-culture

A digital reading list

A chap I met yesterday asked me if I could recommend some sources to help him get his head around "digital". Now whilst I'm sure that exists, as an exercise in identifying my own sources of influence it was interesting, because it highlighted how much of my work is synthesising from diverse sources. Here's … Continue reading A digital reading list

Social evolution

As I get older, I get increasingly to a functionalist position on the world around me. That the social structures and constructs that we see around us are there through a process of evolution and serve some sort of positive benefit because otherwise they would have fallen foul of natural selection. Sometimes this can seem … Continue reading Social evolution

Hiding behind culture

I seem to hear the phrase Culture Change a fair bit at the moment. Increasingly I'm coming to the conclusion as it's used as a shorthand for "people change we don't know how or can't be bothered to address". Changing people's behaviours is hard. But changing culture is even harder. To be honest, I'm coming to … Continue reading Hiding behind culture