Over the past few months I’ve been immersing myself in the world of collaboration and organizational sharing. Here are the books that have been helping me along the way…

Danah Boyd It’s Complicated
an anthropological investigation of how teenagers use social networks 
Peter Checkland & Sue Holwell Information, systems & information systems
a primer on Soft Systems methodology
Clayton Christensen How will you measure your life?
the king of disruption turns his attention to personal motivations
Robert Cialdini Influence
the Bible of how to get others to do things
Ian Cox Disrupt IT
my CIO colleague’s take on the future of IT management
Stephen Denning The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management
a take on providing motivational workplaces
Charles Duhigg The Power of Habit
what habits are and how to change them
Mark Earls Herd
influencing behaviours en masse
Claude Fischer America Calling
a social history of the telephone in the USA
Adam Grant Give and Take
on how people who share freely get on (or don’t)
Charles Handy The Age of Unreason
strategies for dealing with continuous change
Morten Hansen Collaboration
how to get organizations working across the silos
Chip Heath, Dan Heath Decisive
how to make decisions
David Heinemeier Hansson Remote
stories from a geographically dispersed software company
Edward Hess Learn or Die
how to create a learning organisation
Walter Isaacson The Innovators
a history of innovation and innovators
Oliver James Office Politics
why psychopaths stalk the boardroom (and how to deal with them)
Andrew Keen The Internet is not the Answer
maybe it’s not about the technology?
Gary Klein Seeing what others don’t
how to go about finding insights
Frederic Laloux Reinventing Organizations
an agenda for the 21st century workplace
Ian Leslie Curious
the importance of curiosity in making change happen
Evgeny Morozov To save everything, click here
the dangers of solutionism
Vineet Nayar Employees First, Customers Second
happy employees ultimately makes happy customers
Daniel Pink Free Agent Nation
new ways of working in the Gig economy
Daniel Pink Drive
what motivates us (spoiler: mostly not money)
Erik Ries The Lean Startup
the way to take a new venture to market
Richard Rumelt Good Strategy, Bad Strategy
what strategy is, isn’t, and how to create one
Nikil Saval Cubed
a history of the modern office environment
Euan Semple Organizations don’t tweet, People do
how social is, surprise surprise, all about the people
Peter Sims Little Bets
start small, iterate, don’t bet it all on the farm
Simon Sinek Start With Why
the importance of purpose in everything
Tom Standage The Writing on the Wall
a 2,000 year history of social networks
Naseem Nicholas Taleb Antifragile
creating things that get stronger when you bash them around a bit. See email; Excel…
John Seely Brown & Paul Duguid The Social Life of Information
the PARC veteran talks about the human side of information and collaboration
Don Tapscott
how mass collaboration will change the world
Gillian Tett The Silo Effect
how and why silos exist, and thoughts how to overcome their limitations
Richard Watson Future Minds
how technology is changing us, and why that might be an issue

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