Today’s coffee companion is newly a Doctor, and a leading expert in the realm of plagiarism in academic writing.

We talked about:

  • moving from academia to the private sector and the delight of things being available that weren’t previously
  • the delights of producing something (in her case a PhD thesis, in mine a set of playing cards) and then the sense of imposter that can come at its release
  • how digital channels lead to the removal of a sense of ceremony
  • whether there is difference between an Olympic medal and a medal you get awarded in an app?
  • how metadata in documents gives away whether someone has cheated or not
  • how many of the ways in which students are assessed today will be made irrelevant by emerging technologies
  • how slow academic institutions and academics can be to react to change
  • the delights of beekeeping, and how much mess they can leave when you get stung
  • how beehives divide and multiply
  • how hornets look scary, but are actually less trouble than bees.

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The world in numbers…

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