Into the second half of the experiment. Today’s coffee companion works to connect big corporates to start-ups.

We talked about:

  • the logistical challenges of meeting in person (I had to shift from in-person to remote for this one because of various diary challenges)
  • how hybrid work has changed how we organise our work/not work lives
  • the origins of the #100Coffees experiment
  • how serendipity is such a crucial element of finding work
  • how expected work can disappear and the unexpected stuff miraculously takes its place (hopefully)
  • the pejorative way in which many view networking
  • how the art of conversation is so different from the transactional networking of LinkedIn
  • the 2 beer rule – if you’re not enjoying a “networking event” after two drinks, leave
  • discovering communities of music lovers on Facebook
  • Ultravox (and the Rage in Eden album)
  • Talk Talk and Spirit of Eden
  • The Associates
  • The World Cup of the Most 1980s Number One Single of the 1980s (Winner: Don’t you want me by The Human League)
  • How only men could come up with something as geeky as The World Cup of the Most 1980s Number One Single of the 1980s
  • 51 for 50
  • creating a “desert island disks” playlist and then narrating the significance of each song

It was glorious.

You can sign up to be part of this crazy experiment here.

Stats? Here you go…

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