This week I have learned:

  • well, the product is out there now. 55 boxes containing a total of 68 packs of my PlayCards, winging their way to folk across the UK, Europe and beyond. I felt quite emotional as I put the empty cardboard boxes into the boot of the car after I’d dropped them at the Post Office this morning.
  • next will be people receiving them and what feedback I receive. This is where feeling like an imposter really kicks in – no feedback at all would be the worst. Well, except for bad feedback. That would also be the worst. “They’re great” would be fine, but the best thing of all would be if people actually started to invent new games to play with them. That would be my happiest outcome.
  • from talking to someone who has just been awarded a PhD, that that feeling of imposter is felt by many. I reckon that if you don’t feel like an imposter when you have done something new, you’re probably a psychopath.
  • the tangential nature of some of my #100Coffees conversations is a wonder. This week took in Beekeeping and 80s Synth Pop.
  • there have been a lot of people hoping to get some stuff sorted out before Easter. I hope I’ve been able to facilitate a lot of that.
  • having said that, I’m thoroughly looking forward to a bit of time off over Easter.

Next week: Easter

The week in photos:

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