This morning’s coffee companion is a technologist who has spent much of his career in the Civil Service.

We talked about:

  • the amorphous nature of friendship in these digital times
  • the challenges of managing technology in the public sector
  • getting to the end of the road with working in Government
  • writing ringtones
  • the strange nature of academic institutions
  • the even stranger nature of charitable institutions
  • how the history of low code solutions for non-programmers is almost as old as the history of computing
  • how accessible music technology is these days

This afternoon’s coffee companion is a data person with impeccable taste in podcasts.

We talked about:

  • the strange world of recruitment
  • the strange world of higher education
  • how fees have turned students into consumers (and how I was seeing this back in the mid 1990s at the LSE)
  • purpose and learning to not get so embroiled in an organisation
  • blue sky thinking versus actually getting stuff done
  • cheesemaking

There’s still plenty of opportunity for coffee! Sign up here.

It’s not about the numbers, but here are some numbers…

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