Today’s coffee companion is a former digital artist, now writer and journalist.

We talked about:

  • relocating out of London
  • the distraction of having a nice view out of your office window
  • freelance working
  • changing industry sectors
  • the impact that AI is having on writers
  • how writing in the output from a thought process, not the outcome
  • how we don’t have a very high view on thinking in the UK
  • the fun of making packs of cards
  • the need to create things, and how that might diminish over time
  • the propensity of ADHDers to say “Yay! I’ll have a coffee!”
  • how toxic cultures can exist quite happily in offices – remote working isn’t necessarily a cause

If you’d like to have coffee as part of this experiment, sign up here.

Here come the numbers…

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