This week I have learned:

  • the difficulty of working with lots of people for whom I have lots of respect and admiration. I ran a workshop for about 60 colleagues and whilst it went well, I ended up feeling a bit exposed by the experience. I realise it’s because I want them to see value in what I am doing. That’s not to say that I don’t want that usually, but colleagues are different to clients. I guess I want to impress them all.
  • what a great person Tom Geraghty is. I interviewed him on Thursday for the Brown Bag experiment, and his take on psychological safety is so on the money. The chat will be available next week online.
  • they are actually selling. A few of orders this week for multiple packs of the PlayCards from people in really interesting roles in big corporates. There might be something in this.
  • (last two pre-order special packs just waiting to be sold now, hint hint, nudge nudge)
  • feeling like the most creative person in the room is a strange thing. I don’t get it that often, but when I do I feel very much the imposter. But maybe that’s a trait of creative people? Always looking at other creative people and wondering how they do things better than you do?
  • this current wave of AI is bluster. I still remember when 3D was going to be so big they had to rebuild MS Paint.
  • I can run 10 kilometres in one burst. Burst might be a little strong, but last night I ran a whole 10k, and at an average of less than 8 minutes/km. Only another 55 minutes to shave off my time before I’m in world record territory.
  • I’m starting to get some insight from the coffees thing. Mainly that I and my colleagues probably need more unstructured, no-agenda meeting time.
  • Translating agile projects into waterfall proposals and statements of work is odd, but I think I can see why it’s necessary now. To fix it all we need to do is completely restructure accounting and tax. No biggie.

Next week: Some interesting conversations, and some trips to the Post Office

The week in photos:

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