Today’s coffee companion is a consultant who specialises in organisational transformation.

We talked about:

  • Our respective experiences
  • What I am learning from the #100coffees experience
  • the work of Aiden McCullen
  • how there are on average 73 days between 1st January and Easter, and this is the time when there is best opportunity to get anything actually done in a European organisation
  • Introversion
  • The KLF and situationism and how they still don’t know why they burned the million pounds
  • How the KLF’s former head of marketing is now in the microbiology industry
  • The slightly disturbing feeling of when you know that everyone else in the room thinks you are the most creative people in that room…
  • …especially when you know so many people who are far more creative than you…
  • …and you are happiest feeling like the least creative person in the room
  • Foxes and hedgehogs
  • Intuitive superpowers
  • The artist JB Blunk

I’m still looking for coffee companions. Sign up here!

Let me dash off a quick dashboard…

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