This week I have learned:

  • the mildly addictive nature of watching my Shopify feed. Don’t forget the PlayCards are available, and there are only a few of the pre-order special offer left…
  • the continuing need for anthropology when it comes to delivering projects successfully. It’s all about the people, personalities and relationships.
  • that the personality dynamics of senior teams probably has much more impact than most think, but not in the ways in which they would necessarily assume.
  • private health insurance is a very different beast to universal healthcare delivered free at the point of use. And by “very different” I’m mean “shitter”.
  • I built another set of cards this week. But more of those later.
  • (Don’t worry, I won’t be banging on about them quite like I am about the PlayCards.)
  • the world is very small. One of my coffee companions earlier this week revealed that one of her best friends is someone my wife is currently working with.
  • non-league football might be my calling. Watching, not playing, you understand.

Next week: Manchester Calling

The week in photos:

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