Today’s coffee companion is a former colleague who had just got involved in an exciting new venture.

We compare notes on experiences since I started my new job, and how my new job is going (good, thanks for asking).

We talked about the systemic challenges we have both seen in the housing sector.

We talked about the idea of Web3.0 and how the term has become a byword for the most extreme of short term money grabbing and how much of the associated technologies are underpinned by an extreme economic libertarianism.

We talked about how some of the technologies might actually have purpose and value in the future, but it’s probably not in providing an alternative to money.

We talked about new technologies are rarely revolutionary at first, but evolve from analogues of things before until they can start to make new things happen.

We talked about how you can never quite tell if it’s going to be the next WWW or the next 3D TV.

We talked about the importance of play, of experimentation and of finding ways to test concepts quickly.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

Can I get a dashboard?

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