A quarter of the way there, and yes, I’m front-loading.

Today’s coffee companion works for a big tech company.

We talked about the idea of corporate refugees, and folk who at a certain age and experience flit between jobs in organisations and working for themselves.

We talked about how Augmented Reality is with us already in the realm of audio and how it is seemingly underdeveloped despite the potential.

We talked about technologies can get trapped in a cul de sac if they are labelled as “accessibility” software, and yet so many great innovations have come from that world.

We talked about how children should have visibility and input into emerging technologies because they have opinions and ultimately they’ll be dealing with the consequences.

We talked about the challenges of setting up a business with a whole bunch of existing IP that’s been open-sourced.

We talked about the systemic problems in the housing industry, and in particular how many different professions are involved and don’t talk across professional silos.

We talked about technology in the built environment and the role of digital technologies in the home.

We talked about the way in which every home is unique in the way in which it operates, and creating a user manual would be a bespoke exercise every time.

We talked about 80s pop stars finding new avenues for creativity.

We talked about quite a lot, all things considered.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.


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