Ending the week with a coffee (actually tea) with one of my colleagues at EE.

We talked about the ways in which teams working at a geographic distance need to make time and space for conversations that aren’t about work, and those need to happen during working hours.

We talked about making that sort of thing inclusive.

We talked about the myths of how in-person is a Gold Standard for communication, and the work of Liz Stokoe who studies the science of conversation.

We talked about estimation and the complexity of software projects. We talked about socio-technical thinking and how software development itself is a socio-technical system. We talked about Turing’s Halting Problem, and Peter Naur’s Programming as theory building paper –

We explored the challenges of education, Alfie Kohn, and how things can go terribly wrong when you focus on metrics to the cost of people – from customer contact centres to the education system itself.

A thoroughly stimulating conversation to end the week.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

These numbers are provided in conjunction with the really important bit above.

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