This week I have learned:

  • there’s a certain adrenaline that kicks in when you go from “this might be happening” to “this is happening”. It’s been reassuring to see that the averages for lead to proposal to actually doing the work in EE are about what they were when I was flying solo. But it’s great when the deal gets signed and you’re into the getting ready to do things stage.
  • having spent some time this week reviewing an unsuccessful bid with some experts, I’m increasingly coming to the view that procurement processes are a complex game where the umpires do all they can to keep the rules secret from both sets of participants.
  • every so often a musical artist will totally captivate my attention to the extent where I will listen to their work on repeat for ages. It happens every 18 months or so. Albertine Sarges is the latest.
  • The post-pandemic hybrid world really hasn’t yet had an impact on how people think about the delivery of consulting. But it will, and I think it will be quite profound.
  • I was delighted to find out that I’m going to be running a workshop at Agile in the City Bristol & Bath in June. Early bird tickets available now!

Next week: completing the jigsaws

The week in photos:

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