Today’s first coffee companion is a business consultant who helps his clients to understand the need and shape of future products.

We talked about the benefits of generalism and how we have both made it a bit of a USP.

We tried to work out how we had first got in touch with one another and thought we need to blame John Willshire.

We talked about being introverted and the way in which exercises like meeting for coffee are safe ways to operate, but the idea of networking in big events with lots of people leaves us both cold.

We talked about the tacit skills of speaking at events and of running workshops, and of the sociology of power that exists in all of these different settings.

We talked about the change in pace when kids start secondary school.

We explored the delights of public transport in Suffolk.

We shared our love of making music, and have resolved to share some Ableton files with one another to see if we can build on each other’s work.

I once again forgot to take a photo of my coffee.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

The numbers don’t lie…

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