My first coffee companion today is a former colleague. We talked about lots of the people and organisations with whom we have worked in the past. Most of it was positive, but little of it should be repeated.

My second coffee companion today is a technology consultant.

We talked about the difficult period as an independent consultant when you are coming to the end of one engagement but don’t know what comes next.

We talked about how he is focusing on how to help organisations to integrate diverse software as a service applications together in ways that help them co-exist and how that skill set, especially to integrate across vendors, is a rare thing.

We talked about what sorts of needs there are today for a business to build their own software, and how sometimes those needs could be better addressed by better understanding integration.

We talked about how the technology to distribute media is so changed, but the formats of media are surprisingly little-changed. We talked about how where data is stored is still material because it determines who might have access to it and what they might do with it.

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Here is the latest milk and a dashboard…

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