This afternoon’s coffee companion is a project and change manager, and a former world-class hockey umpire (which only came to light in our conversation).

We talked about the nightmare that is running more than one Microsoft 365 email account across a Mac, PC and phone.

We talked about the way in which being compliant and achieving compliance are not necessarily the same thing, and how organisations will usually default to doing the bare minimum until something terrible happens.

We talked about how change management as a discipline (as in helping people in organisations to change how they work) seems to have been diminished in importance as digital methods attempt to make everything “intuitive”. “Intuitive” design is problematic when you are designing technology services for professionals with extensive prior knowledge.

We talked about the power of sports psychology and how we both used to not think we were runners.

We talked about how when you start to run you start to realise how hilly places that previously looked flat actually can be.

I thought of a few people to introduce. I was introduced to a few people who share insights on running on Instagram.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

Another stats blast for you…

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