This morning’s coffee companion is a consultant who has specialised in the world of recruitment but is looking for what comes next and is currently writing two books.

We talked about how your name shapes your life, and how disturbing it can be when you have a name you think to be unique when you find other people called the same thing (for me, mostly it appears in Australia and New Zealand).

We talked about the current shoddy state of UK politics. We talked about East London and West London and how noisy it can be living next to the Thames. We talked about neurodiversity and how our attention is constantly being hijacked. I was recommended the book Stolen Attention. I recommended the book Obliquity.

We explored the idea of sociable introverts, and how hard it is to get people out of their houses these days.

We talked about the difference between management and leadership and how one good definition is that you manage things and lead people. We talked about the power of canvases as a way to help people structure ideas. I eulogised about Marcus Brown’s new canvas for presentations.

We then talked about how a canvas might be used to describe a job recruiting process and to define ideal candidates. Then we wondered if it could work the other way around, to help identify a role when you have someone you think should work for you, but you’re not sure in what position.

A nice chat to end the week.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

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