This week I have learned:

  • the enjoyment of being in the company of others. An annual gathering of friends for a post-Christmas Christmas dinner, people who have been knocking about together for three decades, feeling as young as we did back then even if we have now moved from “falling over” to “having a fall”.
  • the enjoyment of being in the company of others. A gathering of people from across the globe at Equal Experts, brought together in London. A day of talking about how we operate and what we can do differently and better.
  • how a simple exercise can impact profoundly. At the off-site our CPO organised a simple session where we arranged ourselves in circles, first of all in order of age, and then in order of tenure. It was strange to find myself as one of the oldest in the room. And then to find myself as one of the youngest to the company. It’s stuck with me. I’m not totally sure why. Maybe I’m still just waiting to wake up one day as an adult.
  • continuing the adventures in the metaverse, a few of us got together in Workrooms. There is so much wrong with it, but it’s (for me) so much more interesting than a Zoom call. That wasn’t a universally held view.
  • the VR experiences are making me think more about Steve Chapman’s Mask Workshops.
  • Marcus Brown continues to be a hugely impressive and inspirational individual. His Presentation Canvas is simply wonderful and I’ve been banging on about it all day. I am, however, surprised there isn’t a box to “Arrange for Marcus to sit in the front row and just before you start say ‘If you’re shit I’ll get up on stage and slap you.'” which is how he coached me before one of my best ever talks.
  • I’m getting back into music theory. Intervals and the symmetry of music (the circle of fifths and all that) are much more interesting to me today than they were when I was at school. I do wonder if I’d be much more attentive at school now than I was back then.
  • I love planning and delivering workshops.

Next week: delivering the workshop I planned this week

The week in photos:

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