Today’s coffee companion is an entrepreneur who has founded a social venture to support female founders.

We talked about an upcoming trip that she has to take some of their founders to the US, and how weather can impact at this time of year to the even the best-laid plans. We talked about the impact that Brexit has had and continues to have on the UK economy, and how politicians seem to be unable to yet even begin the conversation about how we need to forge closer ties with the European Union.

We talked about my recent experiences of changing jobs and my time in the housing sector. Within that, we also explored how divided the engineering and people sides of that industry are, and how many of the housing problems come from that schism.

We talked fondly of mutual contacts, and how small the world is. We talked about this #100Coffees project and how important finding new ways for people to find and build relationships will be as the hybrid working world develops.

Finally, we talked about places to go on holiday. Which was lovely.

You can find out more about #100Coffees, and even sign up yourself, here.

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