This week I have learned:

  • that it’s still possible to get a cold and feel crap for a whole week. This is strangely life-affirming.
  • my birthday this year made me feel quite miserable. I can’t pretend that I’m young anymore.
  • that if it does go tits up, the thing I will miss most about Twitter is how it has opened up new relationships for me over the years unlike anything else I can think of. It’s been remarkable for finding people who I now know well.
  • reframing is interesting. Up until this week I was thinking about how the challenges of building and sustaining relationships with people at our clients was a networking challenge. After a conversation with Stephanie this week I’m now thinking it’s a challenge of knowledge management.
  • having said that, nobody really knows how to do knowledge management either.
  • if I have a superpower it’s probably knowing who to introduce to one another.
  • if you don’t have time to build safety within the teams in which you work, do you really have time to do whatever it is the team is supposed to be delivering?
  • new systems alone won’t fix human problems. New systems alone won’t fix data problems. Data problems are human problems, not systems problems.
  • one of my greatest successes in the last job, in hindsight, was getting a data maturity project kicked off at the same time as the systems replacement project.
  • lower league football is so much more fun.
  • there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a new non-stick pan. That’s a really middle-aged thing to say, isn’t it?

Next week: 14 years

The week in photos:

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