This week I have learned:

  • that the use of ellipses marks me out as GenX and may well be perceived as passive-aggressive. Thanks to Tom Whitwell for that nugget in here which has seriously made me rethink my approach to punctuation…
  • that listening to the modern dramatisation of Microserfs has been an act of nostalgia for me when at the time the book seemed to talk so strongly about the future. This is such a Coupland-esque definition of ageing. Oh to be in a world where email was all whizzy and new-fangled.
  • that I’m seriously out of step with how current social media is evolving in video. I have an aversion to video because in my head it is not my thing. I might need to overcome that.
  • TikTok grew in 2022 by more than twice the total Twitter audience.
  • there was also much else to learn in Battenhall’s Trends report.
  • the multiple subtexts that can lie behind the intentions of a procurement exercise – what they say, what they mean, what they want and what they need are not necessarily in alignment.
  • that it was lovely to go to a Christmas do again, especially where I feel so much a part of the organisation.
  • that the view from the Oxo Tower restaurant really is quite special.

Next week: last podcast recording of 2022

The week in photos:

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