This week I have learned:

  • the Boston Robotics dog is a sinister thing. I got the opportunity to be face to robot grab arm with one at the Dorset Festival of the Future event. Whilst it’s “just” a remote control device, the movement (which is more horse-like than dog-like) is proper “uncanny valley” stuff.
  • the licencing stipulations for Boston Robotics devices forbid any use that might harm humans.
  • that getting out of the South East to do work things every so often is very beneficial, even in these Hybrid days. London is a bubble.
  • we should possibly stop talking about Hybrid. It’s possibly hindering more than helping these days.
  • that alongside thinking about trust between people, thinking about goodwill and how the two ideas might intersect is interesting. Something I’ll be doing a bit more on soon.
  • facilitating a good few-hour workshop one-to-one with a small number of participants is one of my happy places.
  • meeting up with long-lost colleagues is a wonderful thing. I saw one of my BBC co-workers Sue when down in Dorset for the first time in 18 years. It was wonderful to catch up.

Next week: the chance to meet one of the founders of GDS

The week in photos:

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