This week I have learned:

  • ultimately it’s about the people. We can get fooled in the world of technology into thinking that not only it’s only about the tech, but that tech people themselves are somehow more machine than human. It’s not and they’re not.
  • Chris was off sunning himself at a conference this week, so there was no WB-40. Don’t tell him, but I missed our weekly chat.
  • The inappropriateness of NPS surveys continues to amaze me. I had to book myself onto a Driver Awareness Course after a minor speeding incident in the summer. After booking, I was asked how likely I was to recommend the service to other people. I’d recommend that you don’t break the speed limit instead.
  • Politics has become an extended role-play exercise where the participants are scored on the amount of schadenfreude they can generate.
  • I’ve got a new set of playing cards. I’m going to use them next week. Putting ideas onto bits of cardboard and moving them around a tabletop astounds me with how effectively it gets people to think.

Next week: card games

The week in photos:

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