This week I have learned:

  • Sometimes it’s not about the technology, but the broader why that teams and organisations are structured. In various conversations with clients this week, challenges of shifting skills, structure and approaches appear to be running alongside challenges of building and deploying tech. It comes back to some of the conversations I have had in the past with Tom Geraghty about DevOps – it’s an operating model issue.
  • EBITDA can be the death of agile. The systemic financial structures that underpin most organisations, and the way that money is measured, has a bigger potential impact on how you operate technology development than advice given by the analyst companies really addresses.
  • It’s an interesting exercise to apply tools from one domain to apply in another. I’m going to continue to explore that in the coming weeks with Data Design.
  • This week marked the end of primary schooling in the Ballantine Pescatore household. I think leaving Junior School was a bigger upheaval for me than it was for youngest. Yet another indication of how I’m getting older…
  • Today is Robert Ballantine’s 109th birthday.
  • I was asked this week if the new job was still shiny. It is, and seems to be continuing to be.
  • Getting back under the hood of networking (people, not TCP/IP) again is interesting. So many of my habits that I don’t think about in the slightest are still so alien to so many – working out loud, week noting, blogging, podcasting, running Global Canteen chats, sustaining online communities…

Next week: childless

The week in photos:

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