It’s been strange. The world turned upside down in a matter of moments. Isolation leading to more social contact than I can remember in ages. A creeping sense of dread.

The talk is of how the world will change when this is all over. How things will be different. How assumptions have been challenged.

Every day it gets closer. Awareness of the concept from afar. The first case in the town in which you live. The first few people who you know who show symptoms. The first few for whom it is serious. Hearing of someone who knows someone who has died. The next step doesn’t bear thinking about.

It’s great to think about how the world will change when this is all over, but “this” hasn’t really begun yet. And at the end of “this” maybe what we will want more than anything is not to be sitting alone staring into screens, but to be in the presence of others. To hear them, see them, smell them, feel them.

In the meantime, keep hold that on the balance of probability, it won’t harm you. And that the weeks and months ahead will see less novelty and harder emotions. And that we all need to support one another now and then. So that when “this” is over, we are still supporting one another.

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