This week I have learned:

  • going “off wish list” is possible, but an emotional roller-coaster
  • getting people to get out and see other people in other organisations who have done things that you need to do is a cracking approach (I hope)
  • the ideas I had a few years ago about Homeopathic IT I think are still valid
  • it’s nice to get good feedback out of the blue
  • Rory Sutherland is a fearsome intellect. I had the joy of an hour in his company this week.
  • trying to prepare for a workshop where I have only half the story is really nerve-wracking (old client commitment coming up on Monday)
  • also: hearing that the specially rented workshop workspace prohibit things being stuck to walls is really quite bizarre
  • getting into a to-do list routine is vital
  • I’ve tried six weeks with OneNote on iPad, but it’s crap so I have gone back to GoodNotes, which is great
  • I’m a year older. So time for a project that’s been formulating in my head for a few months – welcome to 51 for 50
  • goodness me a soundbar makes a huge difference to a TV.

Next week: Company Conference after a day trip to The ‘Dam.

The week in photos:

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