This week I have learned:

  • that there are a few other folks in the world of digital and technology who come from a background in sociology- a fab meet up with Lisa Talia Moretti in the week to talk about people-centric approaches to technology and change.
  • so much about how housing stock enters into the realm of affordable and social housing…
  • …and the complexities of managing maintenance and safety certification as a landlord at scale.
  • that getting people to think about data and information outside of the constraint of the systems in which it might reside is really, really important.
  • that using data to report and using data to take action aren’t necessarily one of the same thing.
  • the Matrix Innovation game is in print production, and the folk at LEF seem to like it. Really looking forward to seeing the professionally designed and printed playing cards.

  • the balance to strike between doing enough and doing too much so that a team doesn’t get swamped to the point of delivering next to nothing is the core of the art of management.
  • that by this time last week I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the new role. This time this week I’m feeling that I’m starting to make sense of priorities.
  • <Whisper it> I don’t get Halloween.
  • I also think this election is going to really stretch my patience with our current crop of politicians.

The week in photos:

Next week:

Getting the team to work to set some new direction.

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