Organisations these days have a lot of information. But the truth is that whilst the virtual filing cabinets of the average organisation are filled to the brim with all manner of stuff, there’s not much there of value. Certainly not in comparison to the information scale of the internet.

In pure volume the data that makes up the average corporate hoard is piddling. And the information therein is often reams of duplicates or near duplicates, works in progress, the swarf of the knowledge worker.

So when organisations come to want to search this trove for the treasure that they are so often led to believe lays within, they are often miserably disappointed. Searching across an organisation’s files and folders will never be like searching Google because there’s just not very much stuff there to search.

The experience of Google gives almost everyone a regular reminder of what can be done when using clever algorithms against a massive dataset. That it’s so normal a behaviour these days distracts from the magic. And leads enterprise-wide content searching to be an extremely underwhelming experience.


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