For some years now I’ve had a fairly simple explanation of the impact of digital on established businesses. Primarily it’s about how customer expectations are forcing organisations to make systems and processes that previously existed in the back office, hidden, exposed to the outside.

This can be tortuous. Systems and processes that were designed with the provider, not the customer, in mind expose the inner workings and structures of organisations in ways that they will often not want shown.

You’ll have seen it yourself, the handoffs between internal organisational silos that become transparent so quickly when delivered to a website. Just try logging into Sainsbury’s for a quick example.

So the seemingly technical desire to give access to processes and data sitting in the back office quickly can become an exercise in organisational re-engineering. This Digital thing is a lot more than just a few websites and an app… or at least, it should be.


I’ve recently launched Stamp London’s first physical product – a set of playing cards called CIO Priorities. You can find out more about them here, and order a set for yourself here (or simply download the PDF and print them out).

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