This week I have learned:

  • the stuff that goes viral is the trival – chat about iPads and croissants that look like a poo;
  • being asked to fill out a two-page form when trying to get migraine medication on the cusp of a migraine is the epitome of user experience fail;
  • tech events organisers – really, really, really the story is no longer about women in IT; it’s about the value of all sorts of diversity and listening to women as well as men just talk about technology and stuff;
  • tech events sponsors – for fuck’s sake, if you don’t have anything to say, just say thanks for coming; if you have no charisma, half-arsed thought leadership makes you look totally stupid;
  • Silicon Beach is wonderful. Matt Desmier is wonderful. The Conway Hall event was wonderful. You probably missed out.
  • I do like silly things:

  • I do need to think about my “positioning”. Pivot time.

Next week: DrawPod

The week in pictures:

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