It’s time for the annual report into what was popular of the stuff wot I wrote. In reverse order…

20. The transparent consumer

Earlier in the year I needed to get a new home telephone and broadband contract. So I took to Twitter to find one.

The results were unsurprisingly predictable until they became unpredictably surprising.

19. IT vs Digital

At a meeting earlier in the year, someone asked me to describe what the difference was between IT and Digital. This is roughly what I said…

18. A return to skeuomorphism

Pontification about whether the Apple Watch with it’s crown and everything was the beginning of a return to the much disliked (in the design community) habit of Apple skeuomorphism.

17. Business as unusual

In a world of VUCA, is there any such thing as business as “usual” any more?

16. 7 things I’ve learned from using Office 365 and Google Apps

Reflections on having now used both Google Apps and Office 365 for a few years.

15. The Sharing Organisation

The announcement of my current Leading Edge Forum research project.

14. Meaningful Job titles

A few years old, this one – but me bemoaning the fact that I’ve never had a proper job title.

13. Digital Architecture: Support Services

The first of a few articles about my Digital Architecture framework.

12. The Dominos effect

How providing Apps doesn’t make things better if you can’t fundamentally deliver my pizza on time.

11. Campbell’s Law, Goodhart’s Law and the trouble with observation

Another oldie, and one that I quote quite regularly. Campbell’s and Goodhart’s laws are the two reasons for me why the whole culture of management by measurement is seriously overrated.

10. Crap tech industry metaphors: 8 The Hockey Stick

Exponential growth doesn’t endure for ever. It can’t. Otherwise we’d be single-cell organisms, or something…

9. Crying wolf

The TalkTalk hack, and the culpability of the information security industry.

8. My mobile life

A very geeky list of all the mobile phones I’ve ever owned (not including the Nexus 5 I currently have).

7. What is IT? A brief guide for non-IT people

At the beginning of the year I found myself in a team of people without any IT experience looking to embark on the biggest IT project I’ve ever been involved with. This was my briefing to them.

6. Post-traumatic tech disorder

The kneejerk reaction to security SNAFUs that results in things being even worse.

5. Going Viral

I told a joke. It went viral. What did I learn?

4. I’m done with the hype cycle

Oh Gartner. Why do you do this to us?

3. Six months with Chromebook

Reflections on my first six months of using a Google Chromebook.

2. A framework for digital architecture

The digital architecture framework explained.

1. Becoming a digital architect

And the most read article this year was one from the beginning of 2014. A lesson in what happens if you end up second on the Google search results…

Screenshot 2015-12-15 at 10.05.29.png

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