We now have a date in the diary for the first Free Range Gathering – Thursday 4th February 2016. Email me if you’re interested in coming along and I can keep you posted to location etc. You can also join the Free Rangers LinkedIn group here.

I’m bouncing the idea around of a get together for people who, like me work in the world of the self-employed gig economy, free agents or (as former colleague of mine Grant Higgins has so beautifully termed it) Free Range professionals.

The aim would be to share experiences of working in this way, to extend out personal networks, and motivate and reinforce ourselves as Free Rangers. I’d also hope it would bring together people from different professional disciplines (I know folk across IT, digital, management & leadership, operations and a few other areas).

It would not be:

  • run as a commercial thing – aim would be to cover costs, hopefully through sponsorship
  • done with a motive of forming a big new company to break the hegemony of the big consulting firms (there’s a reason why we work like this)
  • taking itself too seriously

An evening, somewhere nice, probably in London, in the Spring (February/March).

If this sounds like a good idea and you’d like to be a part of it, give me a shout on freerange@stamplondon.co.uk Ideas for content, structure, sponsors etc all very welcomed.

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