Last week I got hold of a cheap Bluetooth keyboard to use with my laptop. Then I had an idea… why not use it with my phone and see whether the time is right to be able to ditch the laptop entirely?

This isn’t a unique experiment. My long-time chum Euan Semple experimented with an iPad-only approach last year, and it seems he’s ditched his MacBook from the evidence of when I saw him last. I also recall a US journalist spending an entire year with only mobile phones.

For the past year I’ve been using a ChromeBook, so my life is pretty much device-independent these days. All my stuff is the in the Cloud. Can I function only using my phone (a Nexus 5), my Bluetooth keyboard, and maybe the HDMI connector that I’ve got for the handset? Starting Monday, we’ll find out…

3 thoughts on “Going Mobile

  1. My experience – a phone’s screen is too small and the battery life is too small, but a Bluetooth keyboard (I use one made by Anker) works just great with my Nexus 7. The battery life of that is “all day”, and the full Chrome makes it a very capable machine. It is almost a replacement for my MacBook, were it not for a lack of coding tools. It is certainly a replacement for a Chromebook. And, oh so light.

    1. It’s going to be interesting to see. Next week is typically atypical for me – a day working at home when I need to spend some time planning (which I’m going to do with pen and paper to keep me from tinkering), a day of meetings in town when, usually, I’d barely get the laptop out of my bag, a day of meetings in Amsterdam where the opportunity to fly-commute without a laptop is really appealing, and then a mixed meetings/working day on Thursday (Friday I’m off with the kids).

      In recent weeks I’ve been noticing that I only really need to use a full computer for heavy text, proofing for stuff that needs to be delivered in MS Office formats, and some spreadsheet analysis stuff that I’ve been working on. The Bluetooth keyboard will cover me for the first – whether phone and keyboard will suffice for the latter two we’ll see…

  2. I did this earlier this year. My MacBook Pro died and, inspired by a blogpost by Christian Payne (, I decided in the interim to go tablet only. I went and bought a bluetooth keyboard and quite honestly, it has been a revelation. Previously my iPad mini had been for social media, games and watching Netflix. But the keyboard brought it to life and suddenly I got what tablets were all about. In fact, a week later I went and bought a brand new iPad mini and gave the old one to the kids. It takes a bit of getting used to – although you already live in the Cloud, so it won’t be too hard for you – but there are loads of really useful apps out there and I can do just as much with this new set-up as I could with the old one. I still have my MacBook Pro (Apple very kindly sent me a brand spanking new one FOC to replace the old one), but i don’t carry it around anymore and am extremely comfortable working wholly from a tablet.

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