So I’m at the beginning of the mobile-only experiment. Alongside the phone and keyboard, I’ve a charger and a Powergen Mobile Power Pack. That latter accessory is nothing new – I’ve become accustomed to having to lug that spare battery around with me as usually by lunchtime on a trip into London my phone is nearly out of juice.

Over the weekend a couple of people have commented that this is completely doable with a tablet, but that the phone screen size is a limiting factor. I’m tempted to bung my Nexus 7 into my bag alongside the phone and keyboard, but that kind of defeats the object of the experiment. I know people can function with a tablet and keyboard. Can it work with just a phone.

The day ahead is probably the one that has biggest challenges for me. I’m working from home, doing planning for a couple of engagements I’ve got in the pipeline. As I type this, I’m using my desktop monitor as a rather overblown phone stand (I’ve already broken the improvised thing in the picture above fashioned out of an old credit card – a raid on the kids’ Lego box is imminent). The temptation to fire up the desktop will be strong, I’ve no doubt…

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