Holiday reading

Back now from a wonderful two weeks away in Asia with the family. Alongside the lounging around, I was able to get through a few books…

Made to Stick, written by brothers Chip and Dan Heath, looks at ways in which you can present ideas in ways that will make them stick with others. Based on the power of a good acronym (in this case, the slightly cheesy, SUCCESs), it’s an engaging and insightful read.

Influence – the psychology of persuasion by Robert Cialdini looks at the various ways in which we are triggered to be influenced by others. It came in particularly useful when confronted with that most un-British of things whilst away: market stall haggling.

Little Bets by Peter Sims looks at how entrepreneurship and business success isn’t always about having and delivering one big idea – in fact, sustained success often comes from making little bets to take small, manageable and affordable steps forward. In a world where it’s often impossible to understand what problems we are trying to solve, a refreshing approach.

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