Yello – The Race
I love a bit of ultra-produced pop. Yello were the weirdest of things… Dieter Meier, a millionaire Swiss industrialist, and his sidekick Boris Blank.
Looking like a European Terry Thomas, I can envisage Meier holed up in his depths-of-a-mountain lair, surrounded by Fairlight CMI music computers and over-fluffy cats, plotting to take over the world through the sonic corruption of pop music, twiddling his evil moustache.
The fact that The Race still gets used in TV programmes to this day pays testimony to the fine art of the track. Deeply bonkers.
1988, incidentally, is the only year that I've had real strife in choosing a song for. Originally it was going to be a track from the Talk Talk album Spirit of Eden, which is probably my favourite album of all time. But it would have broken the mood of the compilation, so bonkers Swiss-Dieter is what you get instead.
Number one on my birthday in 1988: Robin Beck – First Time A particular low moment for pop music. Along with the “I'd like to teach the world to sing” and that recent bloomin' awful World Cup thing, an advert for Coca Cola, stripped of branding and stuck out as a single.
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