At the end of November I am going to be reaching the decimally-significant age of 40. Rather than having a rather public mid-life crisis, I seem to be dealing with my departure from the ranks of thirty-somethings by embarking on a series of miniature personal projects which have no particular significance and are significantly cheaper than a sports car.
#summerlookup is the first, and I've another photography-based initiative for the Autumn, but I'm also about to embark on a musical adventure that is much more closely related to my impending birthday. Over the next few months I'm going to be compiling a mixtape (or, at least, its Spotified 21st century equivalent), comprising a track from each of the 41 calendar years I've been around.
The first few years are likely to be songs that I got to know later in life, but a level of research is going to be required throughout. With the madness of Wikipedia I've already just found out that my birthday marked the day in which Hendrix's Voodoo Child was toppled from the top of the charts by Dave Edmunds' I Hear You Knocking. How upsetting…
I'm dreading the mid-80s through to the early 1990s as these were my formative teenage and student days and the choice is going to be overwhelming. And also 2004, because I can't think of anything from that year that sticks in the mind. But I'm sure that there will be something.
The rules (because this sort of thing obviously needs some rules) are that there will be one song each from 1970 through until 2010, the song needed to be released in the year in question, and finally that this needs to be a compilation that makes some sort of musical sense when listened to from start to end…
I'll kick off with 1970 very soon. You can follow the sonic adventures here.

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