Minnie Riperton – Les Fleurs
I don’t remember 1970. I was, at most, a month old. Looking at the history books, however, and it does appear to have been a bit of a grotty year. I kind of imagine that it felt like one long woozy hangover from the 1960s.
The end of November in conflict-torn Belfast can’t have been too much of a giggle either. My parents were living in Ulster whilst my dad completed his (mature-ish) degree. Tales of British soldiers pointing guns at my push chair are often repeated.
There was some pretty great music, though. Even if The Beatles splitting meant Ringo Starr released a solo album.
The Minnie Ripperton track, Les Fleurs, was one that came to mean more to me when it was covered (in an identikit kind of fashion) by Drum n’ Bassers 4hero in 2001. A beautiful combination of soul and orchestration, with Riperton’s amazing vocal range (which just got that bit too corny in her most famous track Lovin’ You). Riperton sadly died in 1979 at the age of just 31.
Number one on my birthday in 1970: Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking
Click here for the playlist so far.

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