Networking upwards

To get to the top you need to network upwards. Focus on your superiors. Get the promotions. Climb the ladder (or shin up the greasy pole). Trouble is, as you progress your way up the pyramid, kicking and shoving your way past your peers, the number of people above you gets smaller and smaller. Your … Continue reading Networking upwards

Social promiscuity

Of all of the social networks I use regularly, I think that Twitter is probably my favourite. It's the least constrained, most chaotic. It's the place where one can interact with friends, strangers, people, "brands". It's kind of lawless. And as a result, it's not to everyone's taste. My hunch is that, for the way … Continue reading Social promiscuity


Back in the early 00s, as a result of my work with Internet services at the commercial arm of the corporation, I was lucky to be able to spend some time at the BBC's Research and Development organisation. Nestled in the middle of a leafy Surrey estate, Kingswood Warren was a mansion house scarred with … Continue reading Anti-innovative

Harnessing the Gig Economy

My Caribbean-based correspondent Nicole Antonio-Gadson (it's always important to have friends in hot places) drew my attention to an article from the CIPD this week that asked the question Is your talent strategy ready for the Gig Economy. As fellow free-range professionals it's a subject that we both have an interest in from personal professional and client professional perspectives … Continue reading Harnessing the Gig Economy

Talking about innovation

Yesterday I had the great privilege to be able to speak about the concept of innovation with the board of a major multinational company. Having spent the past few months exploring themes of collaboration with many different organisations about collaboration as part of my #sharingorg project, I've picked up many stories about how innovative things are happening … Continue reading Talking about innovation

Agile procurement

With news coming through of the Government's Spending Review this week, one particular piece caught my eye and got me thinking... Now maybe I'm reading this incorrectly, but that to me reads as a £1.3bn project to deliver a set of defined outputs by next year. Call me a cynic, but if that is the … Continue reading Agile procurement

Best Practice versus Good Ideas

Over the years I've always railed against the concept of "best" practice. It annoys me probably mainly because I'm a bit of an iconoclast. But less emotionally the concept jars for two reasons: first of all because "best" practice is something that a team achieves through learning, rather than something that can be simply adopted, and trying … Continue reading Best Practice versus Good Ideas


One of the things I find myself saying a great deal at the moment is "I don't think you mean culture, I think you mean behaviour." Like a pedantic stuck record, the phrase usually comes about when people are talking about trying to get people to behave differently in organisations, and then describe that as … Continue reading Sub-culture

The time and place

Organizations have a natural tendency to think of IT systems as repositories or as machines. Places for things to be stored or for processes to be executed. But when it comes to collaboration platforms, we might be better to think of them as places. As  Danah Boyd’s “It’s Complicated” describes of social networks being like the … Continue reading The time and place

5 reasons why “one” enterprise collaboration platform might be a bad approach

The True Church of Information Technology holds a few articles of faith. One of the most enduring is that belief in the One True System. This monotheistic doctrine is one born of a time when computing power was scarce and the search for "one version of the truth" was the holy journey. Right, let's stop … Continue reading 5 reasons why “one” enterprise collaboration platform might be a bad approach