Travelblog #w2s 4

The third and final day of Web 2.0 went a little something like this: After sponsor workshops first thing (I was at the RIM one), the first plenary session saw a discussion about education, trailed with a clip from Davis Guggenheim's recent film on the topic 'Waiting for Superman'. After the culture shock of the … Continue reading Travelblog #w2s 4

Travelblog #w2s 3

Day two at Web 2.0 was jam-packed: Shantanu Narayen, CEO at Adobe kicked the day off, and left me feeling more concerned than ever about the future of tools being provided for the traditional creative industries. They are positioning themselves more and more as a development platform, and it just leaves me wondering what options … Continue reading Travelblog #w2s 3

TravelBlog #w2s 2

Thoughts from an entertaining first day at the Web 2.0 Summit:The afternoon started with a lunch during which seven start-ups pitched new business propositions to a board of investors. Being an avid viewer of Dragon's Den, I have to say that I ended up a little underwhelmed. Very few of the pitchers seemed well equipped … Continue reading TravelBlog #w2s 2

Travelblog #w2s 1

There's a very different vibe to arriving at San Francisco airport to either of the New York terminals (which are the only US destinations I've been to in recent years. The immigration hall looked the same as the ones at Newark or JFK, but there was a distinct sense of welcome despite the huge queues. … Continue reading Travelblog #w2s 1

TravelBlog Extra – Live from the Europlex

I've been in Dublin for the past couple of days, spending time with the Google Enterprise team out here, and also telling the story about our move into the Cloud to attendees of the Think With Google conference, which is attended by customers of the Google advertising product set. Spending two days in the Europlex … Continue reading TravelBlog Extra – Live from the Europlex

Travelblog 3.2 – Google Atmosphere

Day two of Atmosphere was a slightly more involved event for me, as I ran a couple of workshop sessions on how we went about delivering Google Apps into Imagination. I was preceded by a demo of ChromeOS. Joking before with Xen (product demonstrator and stuntman), it promised to be the most uninteresting demonstration in … Continue reading Travelblog 3.2 – Google Atmosphere

Travelblog 3.1 – Google Atmosphere

I spent a great day today at the Atmosphere event today, with a mix of speakers who opened up some interesting lines of discussion. Above everything, I think that the recurring theme was that the challenges that the Cloud poses for organisations today is in the way in which the "democratising" effects of web-based services … Continue reading Travelblog 3.1 – Google Atmosphere

Travelblog 3.0 – Google Atmosphere

A mini-travelblog for the Google Atmosphere event taking place just outside Chantilly. Arrived, after a bit of an expedition involving three trains, a bit of a wait, a realisation that cabs are probably unlikely in a Parisian suburb on a Sunday, and a madcap dash in a Renault Clio driven by a bloke from a … Continue reading Travelblog 3.0 – Google Atmosphere

TravelBlog 2.5 – The Importance of Being There (sometimes)

Another trip comes to a close, and it reinforces for me once again the importance of being able to meet, face-to-face, the people that you are working with at least once in a while. Whilst the progression in tools to help us collaborate with others in spite of geographic dislocation has been dramatic in the … Continue reading TravelBlog 2.5 – The Importance of Being There (sometimes)

TravelBlog 2.4 – Motor City

There are two things that I associate with Detroit - music and motors. The home of Motown Records, the source of house music, and the location for the big three US auto manufacturers - Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. The motor industry has been decimated by the economic turmoil of the past few years. It's … Continue reading TravelBlog 2.4 – Motor City