TravelBlog Extra – Live from the Europlex

I've been in Dublin for the past couple of days, spending time with the Google Enterprise team out here, and also telling the story about our move into the Cloud to attendees of the Think With Google conference, which is attended by customers of the Google advertising product set.
Spending two days in the Europlex (as Google's European HQ is known) has been an interesting insight into the company. The first thing that struck me is how young it feels; this, however, may just be symptomatic of getting old!
The engineering bias of the organisation is also plain to see – decision making seems to be very logical.
As an environment, though, it feels overall to be a very happy place. See beyond the free canteen, sweets and cans of cola, and even the jumbo beanbags, balloons and general knick-nacks strewn all over the place, and you can see people who mostly seem to really enjoy what they do, and are incredibly enthusiastic about the products and services that they help to bring to market.
It's been a great opportunity to share our experiences, and the eagerness to spend time talking to a client has also been incredibly refreshing. There are many things to learn from these few days.

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